MARTEK is a family company with two activities : Private Equity & Real Estate


Thanks to the entrepreneurial achievements of René and Marcel KATZ that have been or are still shareholders and managers of MARTEK PROMOTION (Real Estate) and MARTEK POWER (Power Conversion), MARTEK invests in growing companies.
MARTEK's goal is to support  talented management teams in their development ambitions, by providing the know how and successful international experience of its leaders in industry and services.

MARTEK is a responsible shareholder driven by entrepreneurship, able to understand and facilitate strategic developments. 

MARTEK invests without time consideration and is positioned as an alternative to Private Equity funds and strategic buyers.

At MARTEK, we are convinced that the enterprise is primarily a human story and a question of alchemy

We base our conviction, by sharing with the management team on the potenitial of the project, the market and offer.

When we invest in a company, we invest primarily in a team with whom we can build a partnership. We have no intention of interfering with the management but we want to share the adventure alongside the managers to possibly help them in the various strategic options available to them.

Our role is clear: we are the "sparring partner" of the company and  we support the management team with our successful experience in the industry and services.

Our concept of value creation is simple:  find the drivers for sustainable and profitable growth, facilitate international development, identify the talents and the future leaders of tomorow.

An entrepreneurial spiritA professional team on a human scaleA willingness to share the adventure